ABOUT Geneviève Parois Genevieve Parois is both a fashion and hat designer. She has been living in Lyon for 2 years after having employed her talents in various cities in France and abroad. Over the past few years, Genevieve has gained artistic skills thanks to a sound sewing and fashion designing training, which led her to successfully be awarded the prize ‘Best craftswoman of France’ in 2011. She then explored an innovating approach in women accessories by studying millinery at the training center GRETA in Paris. Her first collection of hats and headpieces was launched while she was at it.
UNIQUE HATS Geneviève’s inspiration surges from the contact with the different materials she works on, but also from her taste for atypical forms. She designs sober and smart lines, mixes eclectic materials and sculptural forms. The whole offers a singular style inviting to evasion. Whether it deals with Borsalino hat or hair ornaments, oriental-style draped toque or unusual “hat-object”, her attention- grabbing winter and summer collections always arouse admiration. Her unique models are designed to enhance woman’s elegance, underline her look and make her different: colors and shapes match in a perfect harmony the woman’style who wears them. Because Geneviève is uniquely gifted and boundlessly creative, she constantly revisits her ideas and explores unexpected tracks year by year
For Geneviève, hat just like clothing construction highlights woman’s natural elegance « I want my original hats and headpieces, thanks to their pure, harmonious lines, to reveal any woman’s inner beauty and feminity. I wish women could make my hats their own in their daily life, could wear them anytime. I want to restore the hat wearing. It always gives me an enormous satisfaction to see in women’s eyes how pretty and self confident they feel, because they dare to be different !
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